Q: What is the TextMyLink App? A: TextMyLink is an app that helps you collect addresses, contact information, RSVPs for your events simply through a mass text message.All information collected from guests is stored and organized within the app so you can export for cards and invitations or keep handy for the future. Use the app to communicate event updates via mass text.
Q: How do I use the app? A: Download the free app from the Apple App Store. Create an event with a custom Address Collection Link and select the information you’d like to collect (Name, Phone Number, Email, Address, Partner/Spouse, RSVP). Write your personal text messages that includes your Address Collection Link. Then, you’ll import your contacts from your phone and choose your text message option to quickly and easily mass message your guests.Your message recipients will get your text and fill in their contact information via the Address Collection Link. All that information is stored and organized within the app. Export the information for cards, invitations, and guest lists. Continue to send your guests important event updates through via mass texts. Keep the app handy for when you need to look up someone’s information in the future.
Q: What is an Address Collection Link? A: An Address Collection Link is a custom website that you create within the app. This website is a form we use to collect contact information from your guests. You choose which information you’d like to collect with you Link: Name, Phone Number, Email, Home Address, Partner/Spouse, and RSVP. The Link gets sent out via text message and allows the app to collect contact information. Example: www.textmylink.com/mywedding
Q: What are the text messaging options? A: There are two options, Mass Text and Fast Text. Explanation of each below!
Q: What is Fast Text? A: Fast Text allows you to quickly send text messages from your own phone number. Our app auto populates your custom message and your guest’s phone number, so all you have to do is click the send button on each message. Fast Text tracks who filled in your link and who you need to follow up with. No more copy and pasting a message, it’s super simple and convenient.
Q: What is Mass Text? A: Mass Text allows you to send an individual text message to as many guests as you’d like with a single click. Mass Texts sends your message from a dedicated Event Phone Number instead of your own.
Q: What is an Event Phone Number (Mass Text)? A: An Event Phone Number is a feature of the Mass Text. The app assigns you a dedicated phone number, so you don’t have to message all your guests from your own number. This sends unlimited individual messages with a single click, declutters your iMessage, avoids replies/awkward conversations, and allows you to quickly send event updates.
Q: Why can’t I Mass Text from my own number? A: Apple doesn’t allow mass messaging from your phone number, but we found a way that gives you options to quickly and easily send out mass texts.
Q: How many people can I text at a time? A: You can message as many people as you’d like!
Q: How much does it cost to send a message? A: The app is free to download and to send a few test messages. Please view our pricing page to see the various options.
Q: What are the benefits of the Subscription? A: You can purchase a personal dedicated Event Phone Number through a subscription, or you can text from one of our TextMyLink Event Phone Numbers. Having a subscription allows you to continue to text from the same number every time, making it easier on the guests. If you chose to text from one of our TextMyLink Event Phone Numbers, your text will be sent from a different number every time.
Q: How do I import contacts? A: There are two ways to import contacts. The first is to go to the “Import Contacts” page within your event. There are buttons at the top right to import from your phone or manually add contacts. The other way is by sending a new text message. Go into your event and then select “Send A New Text”. After you write your text message, you’ll be brought to the next page which allows you to select and import new contacts.
Q: Can I import someone else phone contacts if I’m sharing an event? A: Yes, you can share your login for the app, and the other person can import their contacts and/or send messages through the event. All they have to do is download the app!
Q: How do I export my address book? A: Once you’ve collected guest information, you can export your collected information for cards, invitations, and guest lists. In your event, click on “Address Book”. You will see an export button on the top right of the page. From there you can export your csv. file to email, text message, or spread sheet apps (Excel/Google Docs).
Q: What happens if I don’t renew my subscription? A: If you decided not to renew, your Event Phone Number will be deactivated. None of your address book or contacts will be deleted. You can always start a new subscription in the future, but your Event Phone Number will be different.
Q: What happens if your guest texts back? A: We want to make it easy on our users. If a user replies to your Event Phone Number, they will receive an automatic reply directing them to fill in your link. A user can reply if you use the Fast Text option.
Q: Where is the contact information stored? A: You can find the collected information in your “Address Book”. All information collected from the Address Collection Link is stored within the app and is associated to your account. If you delete the app, your collected information will still be available by logging back in with your email.
Q: What does the red exclamation point next to a contact mean? A: If you see this, that means a text message could not be delivered. It’s possible the phone number on your contact is wrong or it’s a home phone number (which can’t receive messages). You can change a person’s phone number on the “Import Contacts” page by clicking the person’s name, changing the number, and then resending the message.
Q: Can I edit my event and link? A: Of course! Things change so we’ve added an edit button at the top of the page when you’re in the event.