Getting Back To It

We're almost finished building TextMyLink, we got a little side tracked with other projects, but now we're back to finishing this project off.

Thanks for hanging in there as we get things finished up to bring you all a experience that works great!

In beta :)

We've just sent our first batch of beta invites out to our beta testers.

The TextMyLink project has been exciting so far as we get everything together from the widgets to the SMS work and just over all everything. :)

We've built a new real-time framework which our website is powered by called Nail, which uses node.js, mongodb and to provide a nice real-time experience.

We plan to actually open source nail (minus the specific TextMyLink functionality) very shortly.

Building your MVP to suit a niche

Building your MVP to suit a niche

As we started planning and building this project, we began with our MVP. Which lead to asking the most important question you can run into:

How do you get the site out there in the quickest amount of time to the most people?

We had already targeted who our ideal audience was: indie app developers, writers and speakers who wanted to get their products on customers' devices faster.

Our entire structure was planned around that, but that didn't answer how to build it quickly.

So we began our MVP layout, choosing which features were absolutely mission critical on launch, vs which features could wait.

From there, we began building our product. Everything we've built has been geared around our ideal audience and knowing what they want, this helps us zero in and focus in one area where we are strongest and build a product that works.

Welcome to TextMyLink

Hey there!

TextMyLink is a new evolution in getting your apps or ebooks to people easier.

After you sign up, you create links, then add widgets to your website which lets visitors enter a phone number and receive an SMS message with your link.

This helps increase conversions and get your apps or ebooks where they need to go.

What brought about this idea?

We are a group of indie app developers and writers so we've been through the pain of getting conversions ourselves, once we found a solution that worked well, we wanted to share it so TextMyLink was born.